Quad-Sets 2022 CEU Article



For 107 years healthcare providers have been doing quad sets, especially for post-op patients.  While quad activation is one of the clinical priorities after surgery/trauma understanding where it fits in the entire cascade of post-op priorities is important.

If you are using quad sets, can you answer these questions:

  1. Why has the quad shut-off (become inhibited)?
  2. What are the requisites that need to be on hand 100% of the time before  doing a quad-set?
  3. When is the 10 minute window that you SHOULD do QS?
  4. What do you do to integrate that activated quad off of the table?
  5. What were quad-sets originally intended to address?
  6. Can you explain AMI, and do you know it’s symptoms?

Each of those will be addressed in the article along with 40+ minutes of videos and ways in better integrate quad sets in a meaningful manner.

Complete the requirements, pass the quiz, understand this basic intervention better than you do right now and then you get 1.5CEU’s!


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