New Language of Movement Volume 1: The Push/Pull strategy


This is the first in a series of ebooks that will look at and explore movement and strength together from a new perspective.  Volume 1 will cover the push/pull strategies of movement and strength and explore how these strategies develop.  We want every coach/trainer/clinician that reads this series to be able to do what they do better.

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  • Links to 19+ videos showing all the lifts Jeff and Brandon teach as part of the Push/Pull strategy
  • 115 pages of epically awesome information – you will feel like lightning struck your medulla oblongata!
  • Guaranteed to be the BEST FREE E-BOOK on the entire internet!  Like, the whole thing – we are so confident in this that we will give you a 200% refund if you don’t agree.

In all seriousness, this ebook is the entry point into how Jeff and Brandon have trained and coached thousands of athletes over the past 15 years.  It is the beginning of their Outlaw method into training athletes in a manner where the weight room investment actually shows up on the chosen field of play.  If your goal is just to get monster biceps and chiseled abs so you can become Instagram strong and famous, you will be disappointed.  Those might happen, but the goal of this is to help you train athletes in a manner that their time investment pays off on the field.  Volume 1 is the first of several ebooks (they can’t put their entire method into just 1 ebook because no one would read or be able to download a 2000 page pdf loaded with hundreds of videos and resources.)

Jeff and Brandon’s goal is to change how coaches train athletes and how clinicians treat patients.  Step 1 is creating a common language, and Volume 1 is the first part of this process.




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