Our Mission

How it began…

In 1993 Jeff began training athletes in the backwoods of Oklahoma.  In 2010, our paths crossed- Jeff was almost 20-years into his career of training athletes while Brandon was 10-years into his career of fixing athletes. At that point, we began weaving our specialties together.  Why?  Because we wanted better for our athletes and the movement industry

Our Mission is to move the industry of training youth athletes forward by providing a new perspective on the best training practices, and to provide better educational resources.

Our approach centers on an implement independent philosophy.

At the end of the day, if something doesn’t work, it isn’t a part of what we do.  Everything we do has to stand prove itself on the ground with the people we train everyday.  When we find a better way, we grasp it, integrate it into what we do, and move forward.

What our workshops look like:

It’s Here!

Literally here, on this site.  But, it’s “they”, not “it”.

The entire New Language of Movement Series of eBooks is now available here on our website as a digital download.

Volumes 1-3.  The Push/Pull Strategies, the Symmetrical Strategies, and the Asymmetrical Strategies all one click away!

The NLM Series is right here. Click to go there now!

Grab your coffee, a notebook, and get to the gym.  Once you read these and watch all 60+ videos embedded in the eBooks you’re gonna feel the need to get to work.  Go now, before some scrawny punk starts doing curls with the training bar in your squat rack!

Our “Stuff”:

The New Language of Movement (NLM) Series

This Series is our flagship product to spread the message of our approach/philosophy with the world – or whoever wants to learn a little more.Learn More

Our Discussions

Want to hear some of our discussions?  Here they are!  The tamed down “Morning Coffee” is our light  listening while “The Devil That You Know….” are our darker discussions that don’t pull any punches.Listen Here


Want to attend/host an on-site training session?  Contact us for more information and availability.Contact us