Rucking to Remember

In 2016, I crossed paths with an individual that was in the midst of working his way back from injuries incurred in Afghanistan.  Over time, as he shared his story with me and his new mission, I realized that I was being drawn in and was going to find myself doing whatever I could to help.  He has created a foundation called R2R: Rucking to Remember.  You can read his mission here:

R2R Mission Statement

So here is the problem.  I don’t run.  UNLESS I have a good reason, and yes, there is a list of approved reasons I have to run.  There needs to be something in front of me I want or something behind me that is bigger or meaner than me.  Last November, I was forced convinced to not only run, but to run with a 50# pack on my back for 5.62km.  For even more fun, we got to mix in 25 jumping jacks, 25 burpees, 25 mountain climbers, 25 pushups, and 25 squats.  Here is a video recap of the event.  Go to 1:44 to hear a recap from last years first ruck back after his injury and my first ruck.

Well, fast forward to today.  We will be rucking again this November, and it will likely be the next of many for us.  In line with R2R’s mission, we will be rucking in the honor of a fallen service member.

This race will be completed in honor of Marine Sgt Brian Opskar (read his story here, and here).

In addition, for this event in November, we will be making a donation to the race in the name of Sgt Opskar.

Because of everyone’s generosity, we were able to donate 185lbs of food to the race coordinator and a monetary donation of $185 in Sgt Opkars honor.  After the race we were able to FaceTime with his widow.  This entire experience has been very humbling.  Speaking with her, she had one clear message regarding how everyone should keep moving forward and honoring those that made the ultimate sacrifice for this Country, all those they left behind, and all those individuals (and families) that are still serving their country.  Her message: