Well, we don't have a lot of common FAQ's because we just got this up and going.  But, here are some of the ones we have gotten a few times.  


Is Jeff Real?

Yes.  He is real.  He lives in the backwood suburbs of NorthEast Oklahoma (by 'suburbs' he means his closest neighbor is within a mile of his house).  

What does it take to get an onsite workshop?

Interest and people.  We will go anywhere to teach if there are people that want to listen to us.  

Do you practice what you preach?

100%.  Our material is gleaned from what we do everyday with athletes.  What we share with you is what we have done for many years and with hundreds of athletes.  If it doesn't work, we have no value in it - if we keep it, it has proven its value.  DISCLAIMER: no athletes have been hurt in the development of our philosophy.  Seriously, training injuries are 100% preventable.  We serve as our own crash test dummies before we apply our drills to our athletes.

Where do I get one of those sweet Blue Shirts?

To quote my Dad: "At the gettin' place." For real, right now, you don't.  Why?  Because Brandon had to beg, borrow, and steal to just get these for our latest projects.  BUT HOPE IS NOT LOST!   If, IF, there is enough interest, we will go into the shirt printing business - who wants a shirt with Jeff's smiling mug on the front with a nice little Jeffism?