The following resources are available to everyone. Some are Free. Some come at a price. Some come with CEU’s, some are just for you knowledge. All of them are pretty good in our opinion.


FREE Stuff:

Blood Flow Restriction Course

Free 1.5 CEU’s for ATC’s.

Not Free, but still a great deal!

BFR Part 2

After you get the basics of BFR, now you need the advanced skills. Part 2 covers how to integrate BFR safely in acute post-op (<6 weeks) patients and dives into Virchow’s Triad.

Part 2 – Clinical Application 0.75 CEU’s – $10

BFR Part 3

Part 3 requires YOU to do and experience BFR-you will be tested in person (ZOOM) to make sure you’ve got what it takes. Additionally, Part 3 dives into when within a rehab session BFR will be the most effective and efficient.

Part 3 – Clinical Integration 1.25 CEU’s – $20

Still doing Quad Sets?

How about an update on why these should have disappeared with MySpace, or even earlier.

AND! You can get 1.5 CEU’s for $20.

Remember Learning the “Milk Massage”?

Learn why we owe all those people we assaulted with this an apology…

…and get 1.75 CEU’s! $25.

Oldies, but goodies! And…FREE!

But, no CEU’s.

Clinical Integration of K3

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The NDS/C ~2019 (what we knew then)

Part 1 – lit review
Part 2 – clinical application
Part 3 – advanced techniques