Quad Sets 2022

This is an article written with research support to give a little deeper perspective into quad sets and why healthcare professionals are likely overusing them. This might be the first time anyone has dedicated 10+ pages to this simple drill…

Course Objectives:

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  1. Establish and present the prerequisites to Quad-Sets.
  2. Provide opportunities to integrate quad activation into the postures.
  3. Explain why quad sets might not be the best intervention to address AMI.
  4. Provide a historical perspective on how Quad Sets came to be.

Knowledge Gap:

Many healthcare providers prescribe quad sets to their patients to improve quad activation without a complete understanding of why the quad is inhibited. Research shows that many healthcare providers (specifically AT’s) don’t fully understand how effusion creates a spinal inhibitory reflex following trauma (injury or surgery).

Further, without very clear and simple requisites being present, quad sets can actually make the problem worse.


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