Meet the Team

Movement Outlaws is the creation of Brandon and Jeff.  The roots of Movement Outlaws run through the Athletic Development Institute (ADI) and the Movement Restoration Project.  We are here because of the opportunities we had with other organizations that helped us grow, develop and find our voice. 


Brandon Hetzler 

"The Pretty One"

Brandon is a Certified Athletic Trainer with 20 years experience of working with athletes in a clinical orthopedic setting as well as training athletes of all levels to excel at their sports.  He is also one of the creators of the curriculum for the Master's in Athletic Training program at Missouri State University.  He served as a Senior StrongFirst Instructor and an FMS instructor before starting Movement Outlaws. In the Spring of 2017, Brandon coached his son's flag football team to an undefeated season.

Jeff O'Connor

"Thinks he's The Pretty One"

Jeff's career has taken him from the Navy to being a full time Fire Fighter in Oklahoma.  In his spare time he has created a niche for training athletes that have racked up several individual and team accolades.  Unofficially, he is referred to as one of the best strength coaches no one has ever heard of - because it is hard to find him.  He served as a Master RKC and sat at the grown-ups table with FMS.  Along the way, he went out and earned the title of North America's Strongest Man.   

Our Goal:

Who trains those who train our kids?  

We do.  Our goal is to provide the best, most efficient real world solutions to those coaches/individuals that train our young athletes.  From assessment, to corrective work, to strength, to movement skill - we put all aspects of training athletes into our approach.

Our Story

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Our Approach

From the onset, we have strived to do whatever we can to have a positive impact in peoples lives and to move the industry forward.  In doing so, we found ourselves in the "inner circle" of various organizations.  We contributed to the growth of these organizations without having any real say in the direction these groups were moving.  After much frustration, we decided to walk away and do it our way.  

Our number one goal is to provide real world solutions to the coaches, clinicians, and individuals that make their living in the real world of fitness, rehab, and strength and conditioning every day. We have made our careers and livings training normal people as well as athletes of all levels.   We teach what we do.  

If something worked, we kept it and made it better. If it didn't work, we got rid of it. Are we doing today what we did last year? Absolutely not. That doesn't mean we were wrong, it means we just always choose to get better and grow.

Our Story