1.11.18 Up and running

Here we go! After putting this off for 2 years we have got a website up and running. Our goal for this site is 2 fold. First it gives us a centralized hub for all things Jeff and Brandon. We have pulled everything that is currently out there on the inter webs and centralized it here. Now, if you want to read an article one of us has written, you can find it here. Loved seeing Jeff in an old YouTube video? They are here as well.

Second, moving forward this will serve as our platform to share what we have learned, our mistakes, and what we can all do better.

Bear with us – this is a work in progress. There will likely be a few changes as we get things rolling, but we strive to provide the highest quality content you can get for free on the web. Yes, we know we are going up against several other groups/organizations/companies that have a louder voice and a much broader reach than us, but that’s okay. Like the title of one of Jeff’s articles “Start from where you are”. We will see where we end up on this.

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