This video instantly got my attention when I saw it.  “We are born to do what can’t be done”.

What grabbed my attention was the baby crawling and then walking.  How we develop is truly amazing.  No instructions, an incomplete CNS, and undeveloped body, we can’t speak or understand, but yet in 12-18 months we have developed the foundation of our movement for the rest of our life.

What strikes me with this is that when movement is lost (due to injury, trauma, lifestyle, etc) the process we use to get it back is 180 degrees away from how we developed movement to begin with.  This was the premise of my first book Movement Restoration Project and has served as the foundation for our New Language of Movement e-book series.

Movement and strength follow predictable paths of development.  When we follow these paths, we restore movement and improve strength much more efficiently.  The problem – we’ve lost sight of the path and we have tried to replace this with a complicated process that is less than ideal.

Enjoy the video.  And like one of my former basketball coach ingrained into us – “‘I Can’t’ isn’t in our vocabulary”.



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