4:50am  The alarm has gone off twice.  The voices in my head are well ahead of me and are already in overdrive.  I let them go…..

“Only 26 people downloaded your last e-book”

“You’ve only gotten feedback from 3 of the 10 people you sent copies to.  That means the other 7 DIDN’T EVEN READ IT.  The people you gave it to read don’t even like it.”


“Nobody wants to read your SH!+.”

“Your co-workers don’t respect you.  They tolerate you.”

“There is a reason why you haven’t heard from anyone after you left StrongFirst.”

“Their workshop is better than yours – that is why people show up to theirs”

I let them go.  I let them unload on me.

I let them think they were winning.  I let them think they had the upper hand and that they were going to control what I did.

In one of Jocko Willink’s podcast, he said “You have to know the darkness to know the light“.  I let my inner self-doubt free.  I wanted to see what my darkness.  I wanted to see what I deep down inside doubted myself on.  I let them go so I could see my darkness.

Then, I pulled myself up and out of that dark spot.  I got out of bed and DROWNED those whiny little voices with coffee as black as the place they came from. 

We all have those voices.  Sometimes, they are louder than others.  But the only way those voices of self-doubt turn into action is by our inaction.  We CANNOT let them get a foothold and drag themselves up.

Now, I know what self-doubt I have.  While my self-doubt was spewing at me, those voices were showing me my weaknesses.  Once you know your weakness you can turn them into your strengths.

Or you can let them win.  You can let those voices get the best of you.  But, you’re not weak, so that’s not an option. Every day it is our choice – and it is an easy choice.  KICK YOUR SELF-DOUBT IN THE TEETH, DON’T LET IT WIN!

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