“Clinical” Strength 101

In the realm of Sports Medicine, the term “strength” is sometimes used casually or without much thought. This tendency arises because, in the vast array of considerations following an injury or surgery, healthcare professionals may perceive strength as the more straightforward aspect. With the focus on tissue healing, the inflammatory process, injury physiology, neural adaptations, surgical considerations, and other complexities, the concept of strength training might seem like the less intricate or less exciting part of the rehabilitation process.

Healthcare professionals often find themselves eager to progress to the more dynamic and engaging aspects of the recovery journey, such as sport-specific drills and activities that directly relate to the athlete’s performance. These activities are inherently captivating and stimulating, both for the patient and the professionals guiding their rehabilitation.

It’s essential, however, to recognize that strength training plays a pivotal role in the recovery process. Building strength and restoring function are the foundational elements that pave the way for successful sport-specific training and a safe return to play. While it might be considered the “easier” part by some, the significance of strength training cannot be underestimated.

At Outlaw Movement Systems, we aim to shift the perspective surrounding strength training in Sports Medicine. We understand its integral role in the overall recovery journey and strive to provide healthcare professionals with the latest, evidence-based therapeutic exercise interventions. This courses is designed to empower you with comprehensive knowledge and practical tools to optimize strength and functional outcomes, ensuring your athletes and patients achieve their best performance safely and effectively.

Course Information

Estimated Time: ~3 hours broken down into several shorter lessons

Difficulty: Basic, Essential

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Are you ready to dive into a transformative journey that will reshape the way you approach rehab based strength training? Join us for an extraordinary course where we unveil the secret ingredient that most clinicians have overlooked – the power of the basic foundations of strength training. But hold on, there’s a twist! We will unravel these principles through the lens of rehab, showing you why and how they are crucial for your patients’ recovery journeys. Say goodbye to scrolling through endless social media posts for fitness inspiration and get ready to unlock the true potential of your patients. It’s time to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and strength training, and revolutionize the way we help individuals not just bounce back, but soar to new heights of wellness. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, because together, we can redefine what it truly means to be a rehab professional.

CEU Requirements:

Knowledge Gap:

Strength is an umbrella term. Identifying that someone has a strength deficiency, or a strength problem, or weakness is only the first step in being able to resolve the issue. However, without fully understanding what the different attributes are that make up the global term strength, clinicians cannot effectively or efficiently address the issue. Physiology governs which specific adaptation can occur, but the clinician needs to first know WHICH adaptation they need to achieve, and “Strength” is not clear enough.

Course Objectives:

  • At the conclusion of this course, attendees will be able to both list and explain each of the individual attributes that make up the global term “Strength”.
  • At the conclusion of this course, attendees will be able to recognize the subtle ways in which “strength” issues present themselves in non-acute clinical situations.
  • At the conclusion of this course, attendees will be able to explain how the different attributes of “Strength” contribute to both human skills and ADL’s in a manner that clarifies the importance of these areas in the rehab world.

Clinical Bottom Line:

As healthcare providers we both recognize and understand the value of strength. However, the focus is often on the least important variable – the exercise. This course will unpack the importance of the various attributes that make up “strength” from a rehab perspective.

Course Instructor

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