The language of Asymmetry CEU course


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Enroll, complete all the components of the course and get 2.5 Category A CEU’s.

In the fields of orthopedic rehab and human movement, there is currently no specific, agreed upon definition of the terms asymmetry, symmetry, asymmetrical or symmetrical. Furthermore, for 3 decades researchers have been trying to answer the question of how asymmetry is associated with injury without a clear definition of THE THING they are researching. This course establishes clear and contextual definitions of these terms and frames this new language into the context of ultimately allowing the healthcare provider to better understand the patients movement environment.

This course, will help you better understand how this problem with language developed, but more importantly it will allow you to be more precise with your language.  It will all you to be part of the solution, not perpetuate the problem.


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