New Language of Movement Volume 2: The Symmetrical Strategies


This is the second installment in the Outlawed series of eBooks.  The goal is to look at and explore movement and strength together from a new perspective.  Volume 2 covers the stance strategies, specifically the symmetrical stances: the deadlift and the squat.  This will help to empower every coach/trainer/clinician that reads this series to be able to do what they do better by answering the questions that others have left on the table.


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  • What the heck are “The Symmetrical Strategies”.  Brandon likes using big words – it’s a wrap-up of the deadlift** and squat strategies.
    • This eBook explains why the term “hinge” is wrong in the world of movement/training/rehab.
  • Volume 1 came it at 19+ videos – Jeff and Brandon put in a ton more time and energy for Volume 2 to bring you all 20+ videos on all the drills and lifts they do as part of the deadlift and squat (symmetrical) strategies!
  • How do YOU check symmetrical Dorsifexion?  Don’t worry, you are not the only one left scratching their heads on that one – no one has bothered to address that gap in the industry in, well, forever.  Page 94.  Nuff said.
  • Reading this is like stepping on a Lego with your mind.

Volume 2 follows up on the Push/Pull Strategy that Jeff and Brandon laid out in Volume 1.  If you loved Volume 1, reading Volume 2 will force you to decide which you love more.

Jeff and Brandon have taken 15+ years of training and rehab experience (and mistakes)  and put together a method of teaching (and training) the deadlift and squat strategies that are simple to learn and easy to coach.  And, they work.  Thousands of athletes have -and continue- to go through their Outlawed progression.  This eBook wraps all of that up into one resource with all their main lifts and their accessory drills.  PLUS it has a quick assessment mixed in to find out where your squat/deadlift limitations are.



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