The New Language of Movement Volume 3: Asymmetrical Strategies


This is the third installment in The New Language of Movement Series.  Volume 3 focuses on the asymmetrical strategies of life, sport, and occupation.  Since asymmetrical training is more than just lunges, there is an added twist to this is viewed; Jeff and Brandon have broken their content down into the lower body, upper body, and combined strategies.   In the old “seven fundamental patterns of movement” the only asymmetrical pattern that was discussed was the lunge (and maybe gait).  This inconsistency with what happens in the real world is just the tip of the iceberg.  In volume three, the reasons why this set of strategies is actually the most misunderstood is discussed.  On top of that, the lifting skills section shares a way to change the understanding of this strategy in a manner can open the door to results and carry over to the real world .
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  • Thirty-three.  33. Trienta y tres.  That’s how many video links are embedded in this eBook.
  • Finish volume 3 and you will know what it feels like to have a rattlesnake bite to your cerebral cortex!
  • If you like the traditional way of thinking and love the results this approach has provided, stop now.  If, however, you want a better way to train athletes that isn’t just different to be different but is actually easier, more effective and more efficient than what is often done, skip to the BUY NOW button.

Jeff and Brandon have been training and learning for 15 + years.  Both were in very high leadership positions with multiple training companies in the industry and contributed quite a bit to each, but they walked away.  Why?  Ultimately they got tired and frustrated at not being listened too and being handcuffed into teaching things they new weren’t the best methods.  So, these eBooks are their Outlawed approach to doing things more effectively and efficiently than the industry leaders.

Ever wondered how to do asymmetrical lifts in the upper body with a barbell?  Or, have you wondered why training asymmetrically is actually the keystone to improved function/sport/occupation?

Volume 3 answers those questions and many more.



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