Procrastination.  Drives me nuts.  Especially at 7:35 AM Monday -Friday.  That is the point EVERY morning where we surprise my 8 year old with the news that it is time to leave for school.  “WHAAAAAT?!?!?  I didn’t even get to …….. (play, watch TV, shoot baskets, or any other hopeful reason we might change our mind and let him stay home).  The next 5 minutes is a frantic cyclone of finding socks, brushing teeth, putting on one sock, combing hair, finding the other sock that got lost in the meantime and putting it on, finding his shoes, losing his shoes, grabbing his backpack and then finding his shoes again.  Now, in my wife and mines defense.  We started reminding him of all these things that needed to be done at 35 minutes earlier.  It’s not that he gets up at 7:30 and we start behind.   He is up by 6:30 most days (at 5:20 this morning I had to ask him to go back to bed).

He’s up and he’s doing things, but not THE things that need to be done.  We will repeat it tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.  But, that’s okay – we don’t have to leave for school until 7:45.  If he figures out our little rouge, we are in trouble.

This talk is really good.  We all have that little procrastinator monkey in our heads.  I chuckled when I listened to this talk this morning.  I am presenting this weekend in Arkansas.  I have the entire presentation put together (in my head).  This past Saturday, I decided to sit down and take it out of my head to put in an actual presentation.  I was on the computer, on the title slide.  I filled in my name.  Then that stupid monkey (disguised as my 8-year old) decided it was the perfect time to protect the lego men from an impending zombie apocalypse.  (Who else -other than my son and I- were going to build their zombie proof lego house)?  The presentation is closer to being done, at least my name is on it.

This morning, I open the presentation to at least get the outline done – my 5 key slides to build off of.

It may not look like much, but I added the graphic to the bottom  Then I got distracted writing this blog.  It appears I’m on task, but maybe the wrong task.  In my defense, I have until 2.22 to get the presentation to the group I’m presenting to.  And all the slides are done, I just need to decide which ones to include in this talk of 2 hours (I have a 2-day presentation I need to summarize in 2 hours).

Watching this video made me realize we all do this all the time.  When I do it it is okay – when my son does it, it is a problem.  I guess that is called perspective.


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